Caddy Seismic Bracing

Caddy Erico seismic bracing kits and components are ideal for use with all mechanical building components that may need to be braced. Our products have a long and proven track record with ducts, trapeze supported pipe, single hanger piping, VAV boxes, fan coil units, air handling units, unit heaters, infrared heaters, air separators, expansion tanks, chilled beams and more.

If you use strut or pipe for seismic bracing, let us introduce you to the lighter, faster, easier-to-install, money-saving solution. After just one job using our fast, easy and effective cable system, you’ll never go back to bracing the hard way.

In addition, we can provide full engineering support for mechanical systems, from initial seismic calculations to bracing layout to final walk-through inspections. Mechanical Supply Co. Inc. is your St. Louis seismic bracing headquarters.

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